Resource Centre

  • Current issues (6 entries)

    The issues affecting civil justice law in Europe today: Collective redress, Enforcement of Antitrust Law, Americanisation of European Civil Justice Systems, Costs of Litigation, ADR, and more...
  • Key Players (24 entries)

    Explaining the roles and responsibilities of the key players in European and global civil justice: key institutions of the European Union, European civic society organisation (such as Business Europe or BEUC), the UN, and more...
  • Glossary (60 entries)

    Explaining the terms used to talk about civil justice: damages, injunctions, group litigation, punitive damages, ADR, civil procedure, and more....
  • Legislation (4 entries)

    Short descriptions of key legislative acts, drafts and policy documents which are relevant to the issues of civil justice across the EU and beyond.
  • Cases (2 entries)

    Commentary on the relevant cases.
  • National collective redress models (5 entries)

    Outlining the key differences between the models of collective redress around the world