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Common Frame of Reference – a project coordinated by the EU, which aims at establishing common rules of contract law for the European Union Member States. A group of academics (Study Group on a European Civil Code, and the Research Group on EC Private Group (the Acquis Group)) commenced working on this 'toolbox' in 2003, and in 2008 presented a Draft Common Frame of Reference.

It has been very important for EU Consumer Law: it involved Review of the Consumer Acquis, which resulted in the publication of the Consumer Law Compendium and an online database of national consumer law developments, and led to the adoption of the Green Paper on Review of Consumer Acquis.

The CFR has now become, as described on the website of DG SANCO - "a "toolbox" or a handbook" to be used by EU Institutions "for the revision of existing and the preparation of new legislation in the area of contract law."

See the website of the Study Group on a European Civil Code for more information and publication details.