Resource Centre > Glossary > was established in April 2001 by 13 countries, now 24 countries participate in the portal (for instance: Australia, Canada, Chile, Egypt, Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, Japan, UK, and USA: see list of countries and participating national competition authorities). Initiative of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network.

Set up as reaction to growing numbers of internet fraud. It is an internet tool for gathering and dealing with cross-border e-commerce consumer complaints. The website has two parts: one accessible generally which enables consumers to make a complaint online, and the other password-protected public enforcers’ site – to share information about the incoming complaints.

The site contains useful information about ADR mechanisms, and refers consumers to appropriate ADR schemes relevant for them. The ADR Directory refers to ADR schemes in some member countries. These schemes certified their compliance with ADR Guidelines (developed by Consumers International and the Global Business Dialogue in E-Commerce) of November 2003.