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European consumer association with the head office in Brussels. Its members are consumer associations from all the Member States, and also candidate countries.

BEUC is actively involved in advocacy on various consumer protection issues, including collective redress:

See the position of BEUC in the area of collective redress.

On 11 October 2008 BEUC held a Conference in the European Parliament on Group Actions (chaired by Beatrice Patrie and by Diana Wallis MEPs). BEUC launched its position paper on group actions during the Conference.

In its response to the SANCO Green Paper, in which BEUC very much supports the idea of a collective redress mechanism on the EU level, and expresses some disappointment concerning the slow progress in the lawmaking process in this area. 

In its response to the DG COMP White Paper BEUC welcomes the proposals for introducing the two complimentary mechanisms of representative action and a collective action. BEUC points out that the main purpose of these actions ought to be compensation, not deterrence (the White Paper highlights both these functions). BEUC also makes recommendations as to how to make the mechanisms effective, and recommends coordination of efforts to establish a collective redress scheme in the competition law area with those in the consumer law area.