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Consumers International is a world-wide consumer organisation, the members of which are independent consumer associations (ranging from long-established and large organisations such as the Consumers Union in the US to smaller semi-voluntary advice and assistance bodies) representing Latin America, Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and North America; 78 full members and 123 affiliate members, as well as also Government Affiliates (public regulators in the consumer law area).  

Consumers International is involved in various aspects of consumer policy, also consumer redress. 

For instance, in September 2007 it produced a report “Consumers and Competition: a consumer welfare analysis of three retail markets in 14 EU member states”. The Report explores the relationship between competition law enforcement and its weaknesses in the EU (concerning a number of specific products: such as paracetamol or ink cartridges) and consumer welfare. Among other points it makes, the Report argues that collective redress is undeveloped in the EU, that and a kind of super-complaint system ought to be established. 

The Report was part of the part of a 2 year project “A Consumer Welfare Analysis of the retail Distribution Market in EU Member States” which was co-ordinated by Consumers International and involved the participation of 14 European consumer organisations.