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DG Enterprise is responsible for the running of the single market. It is the major contributor to the implementation of the Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs. Its task is to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. It focuses on eliminating barriers to free movement of goods. 

It deals with the following policy areas: Access to finance, Better regulation, Corporate social responsibility, European standards, Industrial competitiveness, Innovation, International affairs, Security research and development, Single market for goods and services, SMEs, Space, Sustainable development, Climate change and Competitiveness. 

It is responsible for a wide variety of industry sectors (such as automotive industry, aerospace industry, biotechnology and nanotechnology industries, chemicals, cosmetics, defence, footware, furniture, maritime industries, medical devices, rail, steel, telecommunications equipment, tourism, toys, etc.). 

At present, the DG manages over 428 directives. It regularly publishes the Pink Book, an information tool with all the legislation in its remit. Download the version covering the period till 31 December 2008.