2017 Malcolm Carlisle Memorial Lecture

The 2017 Malcolm Carlisle Memorial Lecture was organised by the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI), co-sponsored by European Justice Forum and MedTech Europe, on 1 June 2017. This year, Professor Christopher Hodges, Professor of Justice Systems at Oxford University and Fellow of Wolfson College, addressed fundamental and significant changes which are due to take place in the next few years concerning the way in which all aspects of regulation are enforced across industry and society at large. He also explained how the application of regulation must become more cooperative between regulator and regulated, how government as part of this trend will seek to recover the cost of regulation in fees, and how business can both minimize its costs and benefit from the new regime. Finally, he outlined a possible role for Industry Associations in supporting an essential element of the new approach of 'self-assurance in regulation'. You can view his full presentation via this link.

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