Ethikbasierte Wirtschaftsregulierung:Was uns die Wirklichkeit lehrt- Professor Christopher Hodges


EJF 2015 Annual Members meeting - ‘Celebrating 10 years of debate’ 

The Future of Civil Justice in Europe: Do we need a joined-up approach?

 Academy Palace, Brussels

22 June 2015

EJF’s 2015 Annual Members meeting ‘Celebrating 10 years of debate’ took place on 22 June at the prestigious ‘Academie Palace’ in Brussels. The panel, moderated by Arundel McDougall, EJF’s Executive Director, included the following speakers: 

  • Michael Shotter, Civil Justice policy Director in the European Commission,
  • MEP Pavel Svoboda, Legal Affairs Committee Chair
  • Lewis Shand Smith, Chief Ombudsman for Ombudsman Services

The stimulating discussion focused on the main EU developments in civil justice policy over the last 10 years and future trends. This was followed by an inspiring presentation from Professor Dr. Christopher Hodges on the ‘Outlook on civil justice and regulatory enforcement systems’.

The successful event was attended by +50 high-ranking participants including six ‘Justice Attachés’ from key Member States and high level European Commission officials.

This landmark anniversary contributed to consolidate EJF’s position as a research-based expert and a trust-worthy partner in the civil justice policy debate.



Join us on 22 June 2015 to celebrate 10 years of debate by EJF - The Future of Civil Justice in Europe: Do We Need A Joined-up Approach?

Monday, 22 June 2015

5.30 to 8.00 pm

The Academy Palace, Brussels



EJF Memo - Status of the current EU institutional landscape


EJF Second Annual Malcolm Carlisle Memorial Lecture

EJF Second Annual Malcolm Carlisle Memorial Lecture

Apothecaries Hall, London

2 June 2014



The Second “Malcolm Carlisle Memorial Lecture” took place on the 2nd June at the Apothecaries Hall in London. Jacqueline Minor, Head of the UK Representation to the European Commission was invited to give a speech titled ‘Regulatory Risk in Innovative Industries – How can Europe get it right?’

The lecture, jointly sponsored by EJF, Eucomed and ABHI, was given to commemorate Malcolm Carlisle’s significant contribution to the medical devices legal and regulatory agenda.

Malcolm Carlisle was the Managing Director of EJF until his death in 2011. He strongly advocated the business case for balanced, sensible and effective civil justice reforms in Europe, based on the conviction that it is in business’ interest to help consumers get redress where it is justified, efficiently and cheaply. With his regulatory experience he ably articulated dispute resolution systems which do not rely on litigation, where regulators have a part to play. In this role he came to know Jacqueline Minor whose lecture reflected her own highly experienced and well-informed view point.