How to support us

Do you share and value our approach? If you would like to contribute to our activities, there are multiple ways to support the European Justice Forum as a non-for-profit organization:


The best way to support and learn from the vast experience of the European Justice Forum is by becoming a member. Members benefit from our knowledge of EU policymaking, our assessment of the diverse topics we are following and our active engagement on key issues. They also enjoy access to all our publications and to valuable insights on policy developments. This is coming from our Members as well as legal and expert network.

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Knowledge sharing

We are always keen to exchange best practices and to share knowledge with experts working on the areas of self-regulation, co-regulation, ADR, ombudsman or regulatory redress. We are notably interested in:

Joint activities

EJF often cooperates with other organizations and academics to exchange ideas and knowledge in different areas. This can be related to collective redress, early dispute detection, ethical business practice & regulation. We conduct a number of activities such as roundtables and events. If you would like to engage with us on these topics, we would be pleased to talk with you. Please contact us.

Sectorial knowledge building

EJF is particularly interesting in building up sector-specific expertise to better disseminate good practices. Areas cover the use of alternative dispute resolutions and ombudsmen or a cultural change. For instance, we support the establishment of ombudsmen entities in the health sector. Here we also draw attention to an open culture to increase learning from mistakes. We are always looking for valuable insights on specific sectors, and would be pleased to benefit from your expertise. Please contact us for a first exchange of ideas.


Donations directly help EJF in disseminating new perspectives, academic findings and key messages to various audiences by organizing a number of conferences, experts’ roundtables and other meetings. If you are interested in donating, please contact our secretariat.