News October 2023


EJF Policy Proposal: Advancing Access to and Effective Delivery of Justice in the EU

In the run-up to the 2024 European elections, the political groups of the European Parliament are developing their electoral manifestos to establish their priorities for the upcoming legislative period. As part of our mission to advancing progressive values and strengthening the civil justice system throughout the European Union, EJF has submitted various policy proposals to be included in their manifestos. These proposals are meant to address the importance of avoiding court congestion by prioritizing alternative dispute resolution methods. They also emphasize the need to regulate private litigation funding to prevent exploitation for profit. Furthermore, they call for enhancements to the EU-wide system for handling cross-border mass claims. Lastly, the proposals highlight the importance of maintaining a balance in liability regulations to encourage innovation while protecting consumers.

By championing these policy proposals, the political groups from the European Parliament could demonstrate their commitment to progressive legal reforms that enhance legal clarity, cross-border coordination, and justice delivery for citizens and stakeholders across the European Union.


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