EJF’s aim is to ensure that the legal environment in Europe protects both consumers and businesses alike, and that those with a legitimate grievance have access to justice.

EJF is a coalition of businesses, individuals and organisations that are working to promote fair, balanced, transparent and efficient civil justice laws and systems in Europe.


EJF issues the second Monitoring Report on Collective Redress Regulation in Europe

EJF has launched its second “Monitoring Report on Collective Redress Regulation”, which aims to provide an updated analysis of the current state of play of collective redress mechanisms throughout 14 European countries and how they are proceeding with the transposition of the Directive into national law, which has to be done before 1st of January 2023. The new report covers the different transposition timelines of the Directive and observes the potential influencing factors that are causing the lack of priority in government’s agendas to implement the Directive. Additionally, a specific analysis on the role of digitalisation, scope of redress areas and private funding is included in the study, which helps understanding the bigger picture of collective redress in Europe. Furthermore, the report shows the main developments concerning collective redress legislation and case-law in the each one of the covered jurisdictions.

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Representative actions proposal

The European Commission published in April 2018 a proposal for a Directive on Representative Actions, as part of its New Deal for Consumers, to establish a collective redress mechanism across Europe.

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EJF’s goal is to ensure that the Directive on Representative Actions will build a coherent and harmonized civil redress system architecture in Europe.

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