EJF’s aim is to ensure that the legal environment in Europe protects both consumers and businesses alike, and that those with a legitimate grievance have access to justice.

EJF is a coalition of businesses, individuals and organisations that are working to promote fair, balanced, transparent and efficient civil justice laws and systems in Europe.


Defining a progressive approach: responsible innovation and pro-innovation rules

Inclusion, sustainability, social justice, innovation, global competitiveness and governance are central to the Von der Leyen’s Commission and present a set of interlocked and systemic challenges that need to be addressed. As the EU institutions are working to make Europe more green, digital and self-reliant, tackling these issues demand a different approach to regulation.

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Representative actions proposal

The European Commission published in April 2018 a proposal for a Directive on Representative Actions, as part of its New Deal for Consumers, to establish a collective redress mechanism across Europe.

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EJF’s goal is to ensure that the Directive on Representative Actions will build a coherent and harmonized civil redress system architecture in Europe.

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