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Our services are based on three main pillars:

Policy and legal intelligence

We are continuously monitoring and analysing the latest developments of the policy dossiers related to civil justice, as well as of the most important milestones for European politics.
EJF is also supported by its strong international legal network, which provides us and our members with regular updates on national developments. These valuable insights are key to understand regulatory trends at European level.

In addition, we organise twice per year our Members’ meeting, a place of exchange between our Members, experts on various topics (including policymakers) and academics, to share views and insights.

Research and academic input

EJF’s arguments are based on independent research undertaken by academics from the Oxford University and Leuven University. These findings, along with EJF members and legal network’s litigation experience, support EJF positions on various policy issues.

Communication of key messages

An important component of EJF’s day-to-day work is to engage with the relevant stakeholders, either be they policymakers, business counterparts or other associations, to ensure that the legal environment in Europe protects both consumers and businesses alike.
To this end, EJF also regularly organise events facilitating timely debates among policymakers and experts.


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